April 16, 2008

4.16.08 Gratitudes

  1. new gold bangles
  2. looking forward to dinner at soby's saturday
  3. sweet blue watching me get ready this a.m.
  4. clean sheets
  5. scooting to the warm side of the bed when bradley gets up
  6. sunshine and april weather
  7. booking a b&b in charleston for may
  8. getting close to 9 months of marriage
  9. a fantastic weekend in asheville with sarah
  10. crystal light raspberry-flavored green tea
  11. trying out my new running skirt
  12. dreaming about the beach
  13. seeing an email addressed to anne smith and bradley smith
  14. a coworker's ultrasound photos
  15. tearing up at silly country songs about proposals, marriage and babies (wow.)

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