October 28, 2012

Day 28: Home Again, Home Again!

Look who's back under our roof:
And her brother too, I promise.
Mac and Mary Brooks arrived on our doorstep this afternoon via Mimi and Grandpa's chauffeur service. They went straight to bed for belated naps and slept right through our small group gabbing away in the living room. Fantastic timing!

Even at times Mac and MB would have been sleeping, our house felt extra-empty without them this weekend. I'm thankful for the extra hours with B, but we were very glad to have our tiny people back in our arms.

With a trip to "Mimi's library," a full-on hayride and Halloween party extravaganza and a massive Southern breakfast under their belts this weekend, they were worn out and awfully cuddly this evening. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

*This post is day 28 in my 31 Days of What Matters.

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