October 14, 2012

Day 14: Catching Up, Getting Sick and Getting Out

I haven't exactly been on top of my 31 Days of What Matters posting. Last Monday I published my last on time post, and every since I've been mentally blogging in between driving to and from Charleston, Greenville and Atlanta.

I just cheated a bit and caught up on the last six days of blogging, so feel free to scroll down and see what we've been up to - let's just pretend those little bits of writing went up day by day, okay?

Late last night Mac got a brief stomach bug, one that has left him without an appetite today - an unusual happening for sure.

We couldn't take Mac to church so soon after being sick, so we spent most of the day holed up inside and hoping the germs would stay at bay. They seemed to.

This evening we ventured out to Fall for Greenville and gave Mac and Mary Brooks their first taste of one of our favorite festivals. It's such a beautiful time of year in our city, and we love soaking it up as much as stomach bugs and work commitments and football games and travel allows.

Mac wasn't sure he liked Cravin' Melon, a hometown band that headlined the festival tonight, but Mary Brooks seemed to enjoy the people-watching even more than the music.

After a stroll along the Reedy River, we made it home in time for supper and an early bedtime for our tiny peeps. Ahh.

I realized just moments ago that Mary Brooks is officially eight months old today. She's still a snuggly, cooing angel baby, but she inches closer to the one-year mark every day, and I'm in total denial. If I could get away with saying, "I have a newborn at home," I absolutely would.

We measured Mac on his bedroom door today and it seems like, despite his pleas to stay "two and a half, not free, because I'm not grown-upped yet," he's also growing up before our eyes. How I wish we could slow this down!

And so we begin another week. Happy Sunday, y'all!

*This post is day 14 in my 31 Days of What Matters.

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