October 26, 2012

Day 25: Driveway Conversations

There's something about conversations in the car - they just flow a bit more easily.

Maybe it's because you aren't looking directly at whomever you're riding with, or you feel more at ease because there are many roadside distractions?

Whatever the cause, I find car rides to be the source of pretty deep conversations, all things considered. You  might be passing a delapidated building or a row of port-a-potties, but your words veer into deeper waters - things that don't always pop up across a dining room table when you're face-to-face, trying to talk.

I didn't think these kind of chats would start so early for Mac, but today we had a long conversation in the driveway that took me back. I suppose he's so busy when he's not strapped in that sitting still lets him dig deep.

Today he asked me about God, relayed his day at school, wondered what people do in heaven and told me why he loves Mary Brooks so much. ("She's mine. She's just my baby sister. God put love in my heart so I can give it to her.")

I hope these kind of talks never stop coming, and I might just start driving the long way home from school...

*This post is day 25 in my 31 Days of What Matters.

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