October 11, 2012

Day 11: Packing Smart

It would take three pages to list what the four of us require for a few days away. A pack and play, two kiddie totes, a suitcase of clothes for the little peeps, clothes and toiletries for me and B, milk, baby food, snacks for me Mac and me, music for the road, books, movies, distracting activities....

The best thing we do is keep Mac and Mary Brooks' bags ready to go at all times. School, church, errands, weekends away - wherever. As soon as I arrive home, I replenish these and leave them in the sunroom by the door. Mac's has a change of clothes, an emergency pull-up, a few books and a stick-on placemat.

Mary Brooks' has a burp cloth, thin gauze blanket, lovey, pacifier, diapers, bib, change of clothes, wipes and a baby spoon. (Hers also has an emergency pull up and pair of underwear for Mac, just so we don't have to carry two bags if we're running somewhere quickly.)

I stash my wallet, cell phone and keys in there (there's already a lip gloss in the front pocket - that's a given) and we're ready to go.

Having these bags stocked up at a moment's notice makes the not-so-spontaneous art of getting out the door a little easier on us.

Do y'all have a hard time managing the ten truckloads of "stuff" required for the tiniest of humans? Any tips?

*This post is day 11 in my 31 Days of What Matters.

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