October 26, 2012

Day 26: Truck Stop Trade Off

Packed up and ready to go
Tonight Bradley and I drove our kids down I-26 to meet my parents halfway between our home and theirs.

In the light of a truck stop parking lot, we handed off our children as one might gingerly pass along the goods in a drug deal. It was (almost) as shady as it sounds.
Mimi!!! Grandpa!!!
But the excitement - wowsers. The giddiness was in the air, both for Mac and his Mimi and Grandpa; my eardrums are still ringing.
As soon as we pulled in and saw their car, the squeals were unstoppable. Mary Brooks, turned backwards, was confused but couldn't stop giggling at the hoopla.

I don't know who's going to have more fun this weekend - the big people or the little ones. I'm grateful to  my parents for loving our bambinos so well, and I'm excited to have one full baby-free day on Saturday. It's a foreign but fabulous feeling, and just imagining all that free time makes me smile.

I'm off to bed for an early morning - earlier than if Mac and Mary Brooks were here. Whew. Wild weekends are a thing of the past, kids.

*This post is day 27 in my 31 Days of What Matters.

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