October 23, 2012

Day 23: Boy Mom, Girl Mom

A year ago I couldn't imagine being anything but a "boy mom." Even at two, Mac seemed every inch a boy; it was hard to envision our house with anything pink in it.

Today, I find that the balance (at this age, at least) is pretty easy to maintain.

In one corner of our house, Mac finds a handy spot to stow his preschooler-sized basketball.

In another room, I'm squealing as Mary Brooks tries on her first bow.

I get a little bit of everything these days, and it's pretty darn fabulous. I hope MB enjoys my massive scarf collection one day; it will make me feel far more justified at having so many.

One of my very favorite "see, I tried!" scarves.
(My everyday uniform is jeans with flats or boots and a tee topped off by a scarf. It's my "look like you care but you've actually just peeled yourself off the sofa" trick. Not sure if it's working, but it's the best I can do...)

If scarves are out of style when MB's a teenager, this poor girl will inherit absolutely no accessories or noteworthy pieces from her mom's closet. Maybe I should start diversifying?

*This post is day 23 in my 31 Days of What Matters.

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Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

It is definitely working! :) I love scarves too but I feel like I have too many plain ones, help me find some cute patterned ones?? :) Oh, I can so relate! I loved having everything "blue" with our sweet boys and then when we had HM, seeing more pink (the boys wear some pink too ;)), little dresses, bows, baby dolls, has been so sweet and wonderful. She loves playing ball and cars 'n trucks with her brothers and they will bring her a baby doll or stuffed animals when they find them. We love and cherish it all!


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