October 10, 2012

Day 10: Resting

Tomorrow morning we head out of town for three days, and I still haven't tackled the bags we packed for our foray to Charleston. Whew.

Instead, I'm trying to squeeze in some rest and make lists of everything I need to do now, what needs to come with us and what will be waiting here when we return. The joys of being a type A kinda gal, I tell ya.

I'm a far happier girl (and much more pleasant to be around) when I've had a few moments to myself, even if a full night's sleep (read: 8.5 hours, thank you very much) isn't on the agenda.

I feel a little guilty not leaving our house sparkling clean, but a moment to chill out before piling our noisy family back into a not-quite-big-enough car is just what the doctor ordered. 

Hope y'all get a moment to relax today, too!

A 15-minute power nap in our guest bed = heaven. Don't take my word for it!
*This post is day 10 in my 31 Days of What Matters.

1 comment:

Samma said...

Girl, I hear you on the sleep. Morgan is always telling me to rest, yet he is not jumping up to do the dishes! Although I must give him credit- I came into the kitchen from bath and bedtime with Miss Priss to a clean kitchen!


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