August 23, 2011

Smith Family, Party of Four!

Thank you so much for your well wishes yesterday! We're very, very excited to welcome baby #2 in February of next year.

I am just over 14 weeks and feel like I'm turning a corner on some of the first trimester less-than-delightful stuff. I'd love to be a little less sloth-like in coming months!

This baby has, as another blogger put it, really pulled out all the stops from day one. (We've known for ten weeks.) I have felt much more pregnant this time around.

I even thought it must be twins! Surely one little bean couldn't have such a powerful effect on its mama already, right? Wrong.

With Mac, I took pregnancy test after pregnancy test; I was practically symptom-free and in total awe. "Shouldn't I be feeling something?" This time around, that memory makes me laugh.

But there has never been a better reason to feel less than fabulous. We are thankful to have heard baby's heartbeat four (!!) times now and look forward to an ultrasound at our next appointment.

In the meantime, I am soaking up every last minute with our sweet, busy, growing, teething only child. I hope his grins stick around once his baby brother or sister arrives!

A few outtakes from yesterday's 90-second photo shoot:

This one's probably my favorite. I feel the same way, Mac. Yay!!

I haven't thought too much about how I'll balance working from home with baby, Mac, Bradley and Blue in 2012. Not to mention finding time for laundry, cooking, a shower or a walk around the block.

God has blessed us richly, and I just know He'll help me figure it all out. Or at least send friends to encourage me to bathe occasionally.

Thank you again, sweet friends! Feel free to share your words of wisdom for life with two. I'm taking notes!


Carmen Feemster said...

Congrats Anne!! So happy for you and your sweet family!

Life is Sweet : The McClain Family said...

Woohoo, so excited for you guys!

Lana said...

Yay, Anne! I am so excited for you all! Mickey had mentioned this earlier, but I didn't want to comment or tweet for fear that you may not have announced it "publicly" yet. As far as advice, for life with 2... life is different, challenging, and wonderful! Lana :)

Stacy said...

You will adjust quickly to having 2 little ones to chase around...although at the time it seems like it takes forever. I will say it's not as hard to do every day things (such as grocery shopping) as you think it will be!

Tiff said...

Away from blogger and twitter for a few days and look what I miss!! Yay!

Patti said...

awwww, congratulations!!

Anne said...

Congratulations, Anne!!! That is such wonderful news and I am so happy for you!

Running 365 said...

Congratulations! What an excited big brother!


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