February 16, 2011

Whistlin' Wednesday

B hasn't been home for supper lately, a time when Mac is typically doubled over laughing at his dad's hilarious antics. (Or sometimes, just his presence. B's a funny guy that way.)

After a few no-Daddy suppers, Mac has had to take entertainment matters into his own hands - turns out Mom is boring as all get out. Last night Mac perused a book and whistled a little tune throughout his evening meal.

I suppose I could be insulted, but I'm too impressed at his whistling skills. I didn't master whistling at one year old! (You should hear the kid "sing" too, by the way. That's another video for another day...)


Unknown said...

that's too cute! I'm quite impressed...he whistles better than I do for sure!

EKM said...

um i turn 23 next month and i can't whistle. jealous of mac's mad skillz.

Margaret said...

wow!! very impressed! my 5 year old just learned how to whistle, and he walks around the house CONSTANTLY whistling---be glad mac has learned now, so by the time he's 5 the novelty of it will have worn off and he won't know it's a big deal! :)

Fisher Family said...

What a little prodigy!

Kathy said...

oh my word! that is the cutest thing!

amy (metz) walker said...

Adorable! and impressive, for sure!


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