February 14, 2011

Celebrity Chit Chat

Fact: Selma Blair looks fabulous pregnant. On the Grammys' red carpet, she wore a totally appropriate (age-, event- and pregnancy-wise) dress that looks comfy and flattering. Kudos to her!

Bonus fact: You know how people say everyone has a doppelganger? When you're as dark-haired and pale as I am, you hear a lot of the same names: Anne Hathaway (wouldn't that be fab!), Sandra Bullock (I'll take that) and "you know, that stupid girl from Cruel Intentions."

In other words, Selma Blair. Evidently we favored each other circa 1999, at the first bit of Selma's mainstream fame, but she wasn't a household name quite yet. Hence the "stupid girl" comment I'd get quite often after CI was released. My high school self didn't find the "stupid" part the least bit flattering. These days I'd welcome the comparison!

Fact: Gwyneth Paltrow is aging backwards.

I've been a Gwyneth fan since the 90s, when her appearances in Emma and Shakespeare in Love were at once adorable and enviable. I loved hearing her sing in Duets ten years ago especially. After taking a mommy break a few years back, she's all over the place these days: Glee, Country Strong, her insanely uppity but somehow readable Goop.*

See for yourself:

1990s Gwyneth: Ignore the arm candy and their matching pixie cuts.

Gwyneth now

The woman seems only to get more talented and more gorgeous every decade. Could it be her rarified air/macrobiotic/militaristic diet way of living? If so, sign me up. (But let me visit Chick-fil-A first!)

If you're up for a laugh, pore over Gwynnie's hairstyles from the last decade or two and enjoy the author's commentary. My favorite line: "Gwyneth wore her hair super straight...all while simultaneously contracting her abdomen muscles and silently judging you."

*I call Goop uppity because Gwyneth uses it as a vehicle to proclaim that any mom can and should lose the baby weight. While I love it we can squeeze into our pre-pregnancy clothes, I think it's a little easier for a woman with a nanny, chef and trainer to preach that message. I still heart Gwyneth, but I might not if I had four kids and no time to work out.


Erin said...

all I have to say is look out, because I look EXACTLY like Selma Blair right now- haha. How does she pull off being cute and pregnant right now?

California Wife said...

Selma Blair looks absolutely fabulous! That dress is perfect, and so flattering.

Sassy In The South said...

I agree, Gwyneth gets better with age...I want to know all of her secrets!


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