January 21, 2011

Things I Adore But Probably Shouldn't

1. Extra-large to go cups of CFA sweet tea. Or Diet Dr Pepper if the calorie-free mood strikes me.
2. Delicious afternoon naps.
3. Cake for breakfast.
4. Singing loudly in the car - never the shower.
5. Imitating every half-word, half-babble Mac makes for twenty minutes at a time. It makes him feel so important to hear his "thoughts" repeated back to him!
6. Drinking anything out of champagne glass. I bet even Theraflu would be tasty that way.
7. Looking at other women's engagement rings.
8. eBay. Times a thousand.
9. Talking about celebrities as if I know them. (Sandra deserves so much better than Jesse, anyhow. Who cares if he's engaged again so quickly? I hope she doesn't bat an eyelash.)
10. Eating pizza hours after a workout. (Logic has never been my strong suit.)
11. Checking the mail. Checking my email. Checking Twitter.
12. Stationery, thank you notes, I love you notes and "just because" notes.
13. Cooing at babies who don't belong to me. (This is not a new phenomenon; I was probably still in a stroller myself when I started doing this.)
14. Subscribing to magazines and reading only half of the ones I receive.
15. Saying "Perfect" instead of "Ok." For instance: "How about we meet at noon?" "Perfect!"

Do you have any habits you really need to break? Guilty pleasures that are just too fun to give up? Am I the only girl who hits the high notes with T. Swift behind the steering wheel?


Perfectly Imperfect said...

I could have written about 3/4 of this list! Love me an afternoon nap, singing in super loud (I'm a car star) in the car (but also don't sing in the shower), and talking about stars like I know them. I mean, I read so much about them I kind of do right? I also hugely adore cookies and milk at bedtime (apparently I'm five) and shopping on Ebay which is getting out of hand!!

Life is Sweet : The McClain Family said...

haha, same here. I'm a "car star" {too funny}. Hey -at least you don't pop Chocolate Chips at night like they are a bag of Lays Chips! [I guess neither is good for you} I have never had a "sweet tooth" but they are so addictive! Around 9pm every night lately I'll get a craving and say "can you go get me my chips"...and sadly, Chad knows what to get!

*Jen* said...

I relate to so many of these! Love checking-checking every type of mail, love-LOVE pizza, definitely have had cake for breakfast.
I read all my magazines though! ;)

Lauren said...

Confession time -- I am OBSESSIVE about checking my "social networking" sites!! And because I'm now curious about your South Carolina friend, I'm checking my email ten extra times a day. :-)

Rachel said...

I absolutely love this post and think I'm going to copy you and make one of my own, if that's okay with you of course! I promise to give credit :)

Cake for breakfast...I'm all over that. Cake, pie, cookies...I eat it all at 7AM on my way out the door if we have. Which is half the reason I can't have it in the house!


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