January 24, 2011

My Mullet Baby

I know Mac is growing up. I hear his vocabulary expanding, I see his awareness of his surroundings grow, I watch him move and gesture in ways he never could have months ago. I even fight the urge to reason with him when he shakes his head no - he's growing, but he's not an adult, after all.

I say all this to prove I'm not in total denial that his "baby" stage is behind us.

I am, however, dragging my heels on one tangible act of letting go: cutting his hair. He's 15 a half months old and his hair has yet to be cut.

Thankfully, Mac had hair from day one - not much at first, but it has filled in considerably, especially in the back. (He's experiencing a little male pattern baldness up top, but it's pretty adorable.)

Mac's hair has grown in a way that made it look cut; it lay neatly across the back of his neck, growing in a straight line and shaping nicely around his ears. It looked for months as though he'd already paid a visit to the barber.

Mullet Baby-Style

Lately, though, my neatly groomed little guy has become a mullet baby. The back of his hair has a particularly full tuft that can look like (eep!) a rat tail when left untamed.

If I perform the patented Mac-tastic combover and brush his hair up and to the side, it sweeps everything back into business-like order. These days even that looks a bit unkempt.

It might be time to face the music and take Mac in for a trim. Does his combover vaguely resemble Donald Trump's, albeit slightly less icky?

Macky "Combover" Trump

I just need one last vestige of infancy, Macky. And considering your response (shaking your head no and laughing) when I asked for a kiss today, I think your uncut hair might be all I have.

Off to the barber we go? Or maybe I'll hold out just a little longer...

How old were you at your first haircut? And have you held out on your baby's the way I have?


Perfectly Imperfect said...

In a way I can't wait for BG to have enough hair to cut, but I'm with you, it's like once you cut their hair they are no longer a baby!!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh Anne! I need to pull out pictures of Benjamin as a baby. He had a truer mullet than THAT! He lost ALL of his hair EXCEPT a little patch on the back of his head... Yes, a mullet! Intense!

Kathy said...

Will was 15 mos old when the mullet took over and he had to get his first haircut. Sometimes it was kinda cute, but sometimes it would look like that rat tail you were talking about :)


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