January 5, 2011

More Ways You Know You're An Adult

1. You intend to ring in 2011 quietly (unless you count snoring) but end up laughing 'til 3 a.m. with your handsome husband. It's among your favorite New Years on record.

2. You then pay for your late night by stumbling blearily through January 1st. How did I ever function with a newborn?

3. You eagerly await the arrival of your toddler's new car seat - he's outgrown his first and the buckling in process is even less fun than normal. So unfun, in fact, that you have been known to use Cheerios as a "shock and awe" distraction method. Food bribes - not a good sign.

4. On a shopping expedition to pick up a new carseat, you find the same model for $40 less on Amazon - plus free shipping and no tax, to boot. You put the big box store's car seat back on the shelf and skip to the parking lot, where you order it giddily online. This online sleuth-saving seriously makes your weekend.

5. When the long-awaited carseat arrives, the UPS gal catches sight of you dance-cleaning the entryway to Robin Thicke's "Magic" before ringing the doorbell. You have only a twinge of shame.

6. In said cleaning frenzy, you lean on your Swiffer so hard scrubbing the bathroom floor that it begins to bend. Your first thought, rather than ,"How did I become this cleaning maniac?" is "Is it time for one of those steam clean things?" I suppose this is what online shopping means to a grown-up.

7. You ponder putting together a cleaning playlist to allow the dance-Swiffering to continue at its frenzied best.

8. What kicked off this cleaning frenzy? The sad state of your post-holidays house, which makes January even more depressing than the "no more toys?" days after Christmas as a child. Tissue paper in corners and a stocking-less mantle kickstart a race to be dust- and dirt-free.

9. The blessed, beautiful time of day called naptime becomes a race to return emails, take care of work, clean (slash dance), eat and (more honestly) chat on Twitter.

10. When your husband calls on his way home, you scramble to a mirror for a last minute concealer/mascara makeover - and hope he sports some "love goggles" to blind him from the rest of you.

Happy 2011, y'all! I hope you're not feeling and acting as old as I am this week.

While I haven't made too many resolutions, I have made it to the gym three times so far this year - with one more visit lined up tomorrow. I'll celebrate every accomplishment I can!

And try not to judge the dance-cleaning 'til you try it!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Anne! I also love to dance clean, and my concealer is actually called Erase Paste. I guess I'm officially an adult. :)

The Doyle Family said...

As Mac gets older, Fruit Loops are WONDERFUL for professional picture taking, haircuts and extra-long grocery store trips.

Brooke said...

I can COMPLETELY relate to the one about naptime, and rushing to the mirror when hubby is on the way home! I have also been known to go on cleaning spree when he calls to say he's on the way! haha

Sweet Simplicity said...

You are cracking me up! I went to bed at 10:30 on NYE. Lame.
Although, I do sort of have an excuse of being sick all week. But I was fine all day Friday. :)

Katie said...

Hilarious! I honestly think I'm most astounded by the fact that you are still trying to look presentable when your husband gets home..perhaps I should take note. :)

The Gaymons said...

Be sure to add me to the "Adult Count!" Although my house is so very depressing right now, we have been fighting sickness since New Year's Eve...sad. So, the house will have to wait. But, when I do get around to cleaning, I may have to think about a Cleaning Playlist...that could be fun!


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