December 13, 2010

Royally Adorable

The royal family has released two official engagement photos of Prince William and Catherine (can we please continue calling her Kate?) Middleton today.

The first is an expected pose: William and Kate look demure, happy and all grown up. They're captured before a timeless, regal background. If royals had a daily paper, this is the shot I imagine Will's grandmother would select to accompany their engagement announcement.

Thie second photograph, however, took me by surprise. What a casual shot! How loving and adorable do these two look? Don't you just want to toast them with a round of champagne?

It's not something I would have expected to see from a staid, stiff upper-lipped British institution, so perhaps the royal family is trying to become more approachable?

(Though People is comparing the two engagement photos below, I find the newest one to feel much warmer and more authentic than the C&D's. But my, how William has grown to look more like Charles and less like Diana!)

With soon-to-be-weds as precious as Will and Kate, the royal family is sure to endear itself to the British public and the world at large. (And just in time!) They look happy, in love and just as excited as every other engaged couple on Earth.

Also, can we discuss that hair again? How do I get Kate's locks?

And just because everyone loves an engagement ring, here's a shot of William's mom wearing the piece she picked from a tray of offered gems - purportedly because the 18-carat stone was the largest. Bling bling!

In other Will + Kate 4-EVA-related news, there is now a living to be made in becoming a Kate Middleton lookalike. Hmm. The other photos, with a fake Prince William at her side, are more convincing, but here's the Kate-wannabe:

I thought briefly that the royals should have announced their engagement in time for Halloween costumes to come out, but a full-time doppelganger? Not sure how she'll make much off of it, but what a compliment to the future Queen.

If you're not British, brunette and bouncy-haired, you can still fancy yourself a bit like Kate. Jigsaw has released a necklace Kate designed several years ago - just in time for Christmas.

If you can't have a prince on your arm, I suppose you can settle for a future princess's design dangling around your neck?


Perfectly Imperfect said...

I just love them. And I have to agree. While the pose in the second photo is similar to that of Charles and Diana (and was probably meant to be), the two of them just seem so much more comfortable, in love, and like they really just like each other.

I'm a huge fan of that first photo as well. Just screams elegance.

katherinebee said...

I have to say I am so excited for their wedding - I think they are an adorable couple.


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