December 21, 2010

Nuptials and (Famous Last) Names

We may not have a royal family, but America does have a few top-tier last names - and now two of them are merging. Model and presidential family scion Lauren Bush and David Lauren, son of Ralph Lauren, became engaged recently.

I've long admired Lauren Bush, a young philanthropist and designer in her own right, and can only imagine she'll be a gorgeous bride.

What an affair that will be. Tuxes, ball gowns, security and that guest list! Can you imagine? Politicians, fashionistas and big-haired Texans will be rubbing elbows all over the dance floor.

After these two tie the knot, do we think they'll be known as David and Lauren Lauren? They could go by Ralph Lauren's given last name, Lifshitz, or perhaps she could keep her name professionally?

Her middle name is Pierce, Barbara Bush's maiden name. Who would want to drop that anyway?

No matter if she goes by Lauren Bush-Lauren or Lauren Lifshitz, this is going to be one wedding to watch.

Seriously, though, what are the odds? I know of a Shelly Kelly and an Ashley Ashley, but there can't be too many other double-named gals out there. Bottom line: a guy's last name isn't worth turning down a second date, but it sure makes for an interesting cocktail party story down the road.


lg2006 said...

I had NO idea that Ralph Lauren gave himself that name! I named my doggie after Ralph Lauren ("Ralphie") b.c I love RL so much!

Rachel said...

My grandma is Phylis Phillips. My best friend's mom is Marcia Marsh. And I know a girl from HS who just got married and she's now Mary Berry. Can you imagine??

Even worse...I know a guy from college named Bill Williams. Yes, his real name is William Williams. WHY would you give that name to your son?!


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