November 29, 2010

Our Mac at Thirteen Months

Our Mac is now 13 months old, the picture of toddlerhood. Every last thing about him - his personality, his height, his tummy, his vocabulary, his monkey feet - grows bigger by the minute. He's no longer our baby; Mac is very much the busy little boy.

He spends his days climbing stairs, clapping balls together, reading books, pointing and gesturing, learning new words, opening doors and cabinets, getting into everything. When he's not asleep (and even when he is!), the child is in constant motion.

Mac is also earning his "monkey" nickname by imitating even the tiniest things we do. He hums, whistles, claps, points, pats, smiles, grimaces and pretty much "apes" whatever he sees.

His social personality is getting bigger, too - he blows kisses and waves and says "hey!" to almost anyone he lays eyes on. (Not his mama, though. Hmph.)

Mac still just has the two bottom teeth, but that doesn't stop him from chowing down at all three meals. What a healthy appetite he has! As a result, he's jumped up the growth chart this month and is, as B would lovingly say, "chunking it up big time." Just more for us to squeeze!

He still narrates our daily life, mostly with excited words that sound like a combination of Gaelic and Mandarin. (Genius!) He has a handful of definable words, though, saying hey, Dad, Daddy, Blue, dog and cup most often. I love to hear him chatter!

While Mac pulls up confidently and walks with his toys or holding a hand, he won't go solo. I'd say this concerns me, but the truth is I know he's going to be sprinting through our house in an instant. Is it awful to say I hope he takes his time?

As fast as he crawls (and climbs stairs and gets into toilets and cleaning supplies and Tupperware drawers), I'm going to need a good pair of running shoes to catch up with this boy in the coming months.

He'll be 14 months old in a week, so please forgive the late update, but I consider this a virtual baby book and am essentially writing this update for me and (one day) for Mac.

So Macky, I'm blowing you a kiss and thanking you for another wonderful month as your mom. You just get cuter, baby boy, and we love you to pieces.


Perfectly Imperfect said...

He's getting so big!! He looks like a little boy now.. no more baby :(

Anne said...

I know - breaks my heart! (And these pictures are nearly a month old. He's changed so much already!) Hope y'all are well.

Day Old News said...

So cute, I love his orange overalls. Why babies are obsessed with tupperware is beyond me; too funny.

Kathy said...

C.U.T.E. that boy is CUTE!

Rachel said...

He is so cute Anne! I know you already know that...I just had to say it :)


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