November 16, 2010

It's Official!!

It's official! Prince William reads my blog. Prince William and Kate Middleton are engaged.

Just days after I wrote urging Wills to put a ring on it, he took my advice did! And a gorgeous, meaningful ring at that: his late mother's sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

Side note: Engagement rings are all about symbolism. While I would normally find it off-putting to propose with a ring from a failed marriage, the fact that William's mother has passed away makes it incredibly sweet. Swoon! Not to mention it is such a memorable, beautiful (and sizable!) piece. Well played, William.

Apparently, royal brides also have their wedding bands made from the same nugget of Welsh gold as the late Queen Mother, the Queen, Princess Diana and other princess brides before them. It's all about tradition!

Can we talk about how beautiful Kate looks in her blue (play up that gem, girl!) dress and with those unbelievable locks? I need her stylist's number; it would be worth the trans-Atlantic flight.

Watch BBC footage of the engagement announcement here, but be warned that the flashbulbs and questions are enough to make even a distant onlooker anxious. I hope the royal family coached, counseled and prepared her thoroughly in the two-plus weeks since the proposal.

Evidently "Kate" is now to be known by her given name, Catherine. Perhaps it's more royal? I like Kate, but who am I to question the judgment of Buckingham Palace?

Whatever she goes by, William's future bride handled the press far better than I would at this stage; the couple's answers were rather sweet. I love that William wanted to make his mother a part of the celebration, even though he has spent half of his 28 years now without her. (So, so sad.)

The wedding will take place in spring or summer 2011. If they wait until July, or marry on Friday the 29th of that month, their big day will be thirty years after Charles and Diana's unrivaled ceremony.

So Prince William and Princess "Catherine" will be on hand in 2012 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee, her sixtieth anniversary on the throne. If they follow in Charles and Diana's footsteps, they'll also have a baby on the way.

Let's hope that is the only way their marriage mimics William's parents - this couple is too lovely ever to break up.

This news would have been devastating to me at sixteen, so cheer up, heartbroken potential princesses: Prince Harry is still available!

(Tacky thought: Can you imagine the budget of a royal wedding? Eeep!)


Anonymous said...

This news totally made my day! :) They look so lovely!

Maryland Magnolia said...

What a beautiful couple! Thanks for sharing the link to the interview; I've never seen Kate (or "Catherine," I guess!) interviewed before so that was really great to watch :)

Katie said...

Girl! You were probably blogging about it AS it was happening in Kenya since it was several weeks ago! I've never been obsessed with Prince William, but I've always thought Kate was so classically beautiful and poised--Diana would definitely approve!

Stephanie said...

I can't get enough of the coverage of the engagement. I'm so excited for them! And is she not absolutely gorgeous? And her outfit is SO well coordinated with her beautiful ring! So glad he took your advice and popped the question!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

William is only a few months older than me and given that fact, I too was convinced I was going to meet him and have him fall for me one day. Alas, that did not happen. =( But I love him with Kate. She is unbelievably gorgeous and seems so down to earth, dare I compare her to Diana?!? I wish this couple nothing but the best. As for me? I'll spend the next year obsessing about what will surely be the wedding of the century!


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