June 24, 2010

(Not Too) Far and Away

In a few hours, Bradley and I will drop our little man off in Columbia for three nights of grandparent bliss: non-stop kisses, rolling around, new toys, another puppy to play with, outside adventures and fresh furniture to drool all over. It's going to be baby heaven.

B and I will be out of town until Sunday, the longest we've ever left him. We're eagerly anticipating some time in the sun and a few grown-up conversations, but we miss our monkey already.

I'll miss the way he stretches when he wakes up.

I'll miss his belly laughs at the silly things his mama does.

I'll miss his turning a bib around when it's time to stop drooling and get down to business.

I'll miss little previews of what he'll be like as a boy, turning pages and 'reading' intently.

I'll miss the way he pounces on this poor, defenseless tiger and growls as he gnaws on it.

I'll miss his lunges toward the camera whenever it appears.

I'll miss him splashing in the tub while enjoying a gourmet dessert of rubber ducky.

I'll miss trying to sneak a picture of him sleeping in the backseat.

(Photo courtesy of Wendy at A Southern Accent)
I'll miss him 'telling' me what's on his mind. Can't you almost hear him talking in this shot?

(Photo courtesy of Wendy at A Southern Accent)
I'll miss Mac's sleepy cuddles, when he wants his thumb, his lovey and his mama - in that order.

Thankfully, I know I'll get to see and do all of those things once we return from our little getaway. In the meantime, I can rest assured that his Mimi and Grandpa are reveling in every moment with their sweet grandson.

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, it's hard to imagine how excited we'll be to see our boy when we return!!

Until then, I'm going to spend a little (spit up-free) time with this guy:

Despite the expression, I promise he likes me back. Well, I'm pretty sure, at least. Happy almost weekend, everyone!!


Rachel said...

Have a fun time with your husband!! I am sure you'll miss your boy, but like you said, it'll just make the reunion that much sweeter!!

Unknown said...

You guys have fun! If you're like us, you'll end up talking about him the whole time!

Anonymous said...

Such sweet pics of your little man! Enjoy your getaway!

The Doyle Family said...

There's nothing cuter than a little baby suckin his thumb...too cute!!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

This post just made me cry! And miss my girl while I'm stuck at work!

Hope you guys have a great trip!

mistyeyed said...

Aw, he's SO cute!


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