January 25, 2010

Photo Failure

Things you should not do before your first photo session as a family of three:

  • Spontaneously go get your hair cut the day before.
  • By someone you've never used.
  • Who may or may not understand the concept of a trim.
  • Who leaves your hair layered, chopped and unrecognizable.
  • The morning of your session, spend too much time picking up the house.
  • Spend so much time feeding the baby (hungry boy!) that the photographer arrives while your hair is wet, your makeup's not on and you're shoeless. Classy.
  • Leave just ten minutes to dry your wet, choppy hair and put on some semblance of makeup.
  • Pick out six outfits for the baby but none for yourself.
  • Throw something together, then realize it's too big and looks silly.
  • Realize halfway through that your bra may or may not be hanging out of your cardigan.
  • Change immediately like a Mariah Carey-esque diva.
  • Totally forget that the session is about the baby, not you.
  • Then blog about it.
Planning ahead used to be my specialty. Now I'm so focused on feeding, clothing, cooing at and squeezing baby Mac that I can barely keep myself together. Work days have a very particular routine, but anything new throws my system into a tizzy. As evidenced by the list of issues above.

I trust the photographer implicitly and, let's be honest, I do have a super-photogenic child. But the shots with me in them? Let's hope Photoshop can work some magic! Sigh.

I'll do better next time, right?

Hope you have a happy Monday!


Stephanie said...

oh no! I am sure you looked beyond beautiful and that the pictures will be just as wonderful! Jealous that you got to have a professional session with sweet Mac already!

very married said...

i'm sure it's FAB!

Rowena said...

Oh no! Please tell me that it wasn't Natalie who messed up your hair! No matter what, I'm sure they will turn out beautifully.

The Gaymons said...

I just can't help but giggle when I read this post...I bet you will be pleasantly suprised at how beautiful, collected, and calm you look in the pictures. Can't wait to see them!

Fisher Family said...

Aww.. I can't wait to see these pics! You have a beautiful little family and I'm sure the pics are wonderful.


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