January 7, 2010

So is it spring yet?

After three delightfully cozy months at home (or in the homes of friends and family or the occasional warm restaurant), I am back in the real world - and so is Mac. The result? Sniffles, coughing, earaches, congestion and an aching wish for spring.

I have a doctor's appointment to chase away this nasty cold but am fantasizing about warmer weather in the hopes that these daydreams can fix what ails me, too.

Helping me along? News that Lilly Pulitzer has paired with MAC to create a fabulously pink and green makeup line. And that she's making timepieces. And that, somewhere in the world, people are wearing sundresses and enjoying resortwear. That weather will be here one day, lovelies. I'm just hoping it's soon!

Plus, Southern Living has posted some yummy-looking slow cooker recipes. Hooray for Crock Pots and creamy soups!

Forgive me for not doing the "snow dance" today, friends. I'm bundled up with my winter boots, a scarf, a sweater, a portable heater, a hot cup of tea and a dream of tropical climes. Let's daydream together - or just count the weeks 'til our groundhog friend can share some good news with us.

Happy 2010, all!! (More to come tonight!)

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