August 25, 2009

This probably says a lot about us...

Until just a moment ago, I was lounging comfortably inside, watching the Rachel Zoe Project and salivating over an amazing hot pink Chanel dress.

I realize that B is awfully quiet, undoubtedly doing something way more fascinating than I am. Blue and I get up to explore and we find him in the garage, building a piece of furniture for baby Mac and humming along to 'Prop Me Up Besides the Jukebox If I Die.'

I adore this man.

At his request, I am hanging out for the moment in his sawdust- and country music-filled shop. Gotta get my B time where I can, I suppose!

Wait 'til y'all see what he's building...

1 comment:

the.empty.nest.project. said...

love love love the new look Miss Anne! -LaBruce :)


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