August 22, 2009

A Public Service Announcement

Things that are not ok:

....telling someone her face is expanding when when she is 17 weeks pregnant. (Or anytime, actually.) This was clearly a while ago - and patently untrue at the time - but if I'm giving a PSA I want to be thorough.

....prefacing anything with, "You probably don't want to hear this, but..."

....squeezing someone's calf to see if she is retaining water.

....asking someone repeatedly if she is "excited...right?" to be having a baby. "I mean, you are. Right?" Especially if you're meeting in a professional capacity about non-excitement-related things.

....slowly, deliberately and obviously checking out a woman's ring finger when she's a wee bit too pregnant to sport her wedding ring any longer. (B was with me at the time but I think he was perceived as my no good K. Fed baby-daddy boyfriend, not my 'til death do us part knight in shining armor husband.)

Things that are very, very lovely:

...telling a patient she is "pulling pregnancy off beautifully." Especially if you are a doctor who had a baby two years ago and is so knowledgeable, thoughtful and helpful that I want to hug your tiny neck. Thanks for taking as much time answering my questions as I spent reading in the waiting room!

...remarking that a baby's lucky to be born into such a wonderful family.

...reacting with surprise at a woman's announcement that she's pregnant. (Extra double bonus points if she's eight months along when she mentions this to you.)

...commenting on your (real or imagined) jealousy at someone else's (real or imagined) pregnancy "glow."

Ok. I'm off my soapbox now. Let's all try to be friendly to everyone. Especially pitiful ladies waddling around Target parking lots in 100-degree weather. Trust me, y'all, I'd wear my sparkly rings if I could!

In the meantime, is it inappropriate for me to throw my arms around someone who pays me a compliment? A thank you note seems way too small because these days, such niceties mean the world!!


wearingmascara said...

GREAT PSA :-) I completely agree with it all and my sister who just had a baby would too. xoxo

Solar Powered said...

Congratulations, first time to your blog. I'm due next week with baby #1 and you wouldn't believe the comments - they seem to be getting worse. Some people...

Abbie said...

Love this!!


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