April 22, 2009

Love never fails...

....to make me misty-eyed, that is. B and I got engaged two and a half years ago, but if you could see me now, silently clapping and scrunching up my shoulders making my "how cute" face, you'd think it'd just happened tonight.

Someone please watch these on-air proposals and see if it's just my sentimental nature or if they're really worth a little squeal. I mean, what a sweet surprise, right? And who doesn't love watching other people have a moment of absolute happiness?

I might scream if I hear the word "economy" on television once more today... But a news story on the far-from-hot topic of engagements -well, go ahead.

(Blame this post on the perfect storm of hormones and Bradley working nights.... See the trouble I'm getting into? What an estrogen fest this house is without him!)

1 comment:

Misty said...

Yep! That will make you tear everytime!! Congrats Anne on your new adventure of being a mommy - you will have one stylish little Smith running around. Can't wait to read my way through your experiences. Have a Happy Thursday!


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