April 20, 2009

A fabulous reason to wear orange

You may have heard by now about a sweet miracle baby named Stellan. (There's just one of him; this is a precious near-mirror image his mom took recently.) If you haven't heard his story, take a look at MckMama's blog to learn a bit more.

Stellan has been flown from the frigid tundra of the Midwest to a children's hospital in Boston and will be having heart surgery tomorrow, Tuesday the 21st. Please think about wearing orange (Stellan and MckMama's favorite color) tomorrow in support of him - and absolutely being in prayer for him and his family.

You can keep up with his mom on Twitter as well; she's doing a wonderful job of updating Stellan's hundreds of thousands of followers frequently.

Learn more about wearing orange, supporting Stellan and specific prayer needs here.


MatersandMelons said...

I am definitely praying for Stellan today! I have been following his story very closely -- I can't imagine going through something like that with one of my children!

And I love your new look!

Alex said...

Busted out the orange today! And praying for baby Stellan ... thanks for posting this!


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