March 8, 2009


1. Is Ray LaMontagne in heavy rotation on your iPod? If not, do you believe, as this reviewer does, that he sounds like a cross between Michael McDonald and John Mayer? I can totally see his point but, unlike the blogger, actually think that'd be a less-than-horrible thing. Bad taste on my part? Whatever...Ray sounds like he's from a few decades ago - and looks that way too. Love him. Anyone else a fan? Check out his performance on last night's SNL here.

2. Moms in America - particularly in L.A. - take note: Prophylactics are never an appropriate Christmas gift. Unless they're the invisible, unspoken, don't ask/don't tell kind. Well no, not even then. Gross, Zac Efron. I suppose I could thank you for raising a difficult topic of discussion amongst your tween fans and their parents, but instead I'll remind you that they're tweens. You've tacitly admitted that you and your equally unable-to-legally-drink girlfriend are getting to know one another in ways these 12-year-olds shouldn't be. What do you think the readers of Tiger Beat will be discussing after gym class next week??

3. If you'd like to minimize the damage to your reputation that might come along with some embarrassing photos and, say, your boyfriend's mom putting something besides coal in his stocking - take note: Sometimes an extra inch will take you from a shirt to a dress. Alas, sweet Disney star, you've not made the cut here - no pun intended. Add some tights and an inch or two and I'll let it slide. Kudos, however, for your work on the Stairmaster. Nicely done. We'd still notice if you were wearing tights, though!

4. Pomegranate Italian Soda from Whole Foods is delightful. Like a cocktail without the bite or price tag. Recessionistas, enjoy!

5. If a man breaks up with you on national television for another woman he's also dated and broken up with in a remarkably public fashion, keep the ring. The network paid for it, silly girl - sell that thing on eBay and take yourself a nice, long Caribbean cruise. Or, if you still feel compelled to return the ring, don't hand it to him. Let's hope we don't see this bauble on new girl's hand. It wasn't that pretty to begin with, love, and neither was he. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you don't watch nearly enough TV.

1 comment:

Kathryn Whitaker said...

Nicely put, Anne. I almost always agree with your thoughts and am glad you put them to words so nicely! Keep 'em coming!


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