March 19, 2009

Getting "Obama Arms"

Whatever your thoughts on Mrs. Obama's decision to bare her arms in the First Lady's recent portrait, there's no denying that her above-the-elbow assets are quite enviable. Apparently revealing them has spawned a new crazy - the desire for "Obama arms." I wonder if the President is jealous? (Or intimidated by the thought of paparazzi beach pics that emerge from the family's upcoming vacations?)

Want biceps like an Obama? You're not the only one...and trainers are cashing in. (You know it's a story when the Times is covering it!!)

While imitating a celebrity (in the White House or elsewhere) is no reason to get in shape, trainers recommend an integrated workout that combines weight lifting — working biceps, triceps and shoulders in one session — along with cardio activities, core strength development and diet.

For shoulders, trainers suggest lateral raises. The client, holding dumbbells, raises her arms out to her side, repeating the motion 10 to 12 times, for three sets. For people who want a leaner look, trainers suggest using a lower weight with more repetitions (15 to 20).

To work the biceps, experts recommend the standing biceps curl paired with triceps kickbacks, either standing or leaning on a bench. Triceps can also be developed with a variety of bench presses or dips. Traditional pushups, as well as pushups on a stability ball, engage the triceps and biceps and can help mere mortals achieve a similarly toned look.

The goal is clear, as "Obama arms" don't allow for wiggly triceps.

Learn more here in the New York Times story.


Alex said...

Guess I'll have to start doing push ups! Uggh! I think they're my least favorite exercise! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great post - we had the same thought when we saw the story in the Times!


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