May 21, 2013

The Last Month

Pretty much. 

I've been in full on turtle mode: pulling my head back into my covers shell when my to do list gets too long, pretending I can press "pause" on life. (The bad news: your tasks wait for you. Time keeps passing even if you're horizontal, Anne.)

It's been work from bed, wrangle a teething toddler, feed a giggling three-year-old, make the simplest supper possible, sleep, rinse, repeat. God bless Bradley.

Back tomorrow to regale you with royal gossip, life updates, red carpet chit-chat and other generally deep thoughts.

Thanks for the prayers and love! Hopefully my super artistic shots on Instagram have shown I'm alive and well - just napping.

1 comment:

Samma said...

Miss you! Thank goodness for IG!


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