January 8, 2013

In the Meantime

Last year was our hardest yet, but there were unbelievably sweet spots, too.

Bradley rolls his eyes at the iPhone growing from my right arm, but that faithful companion records moments my addled brain can't recall. I'm so thankful to have captured the lighter bits of 2012!

It doesn't seem fair, after unloading my heavy, healed healing heart, not to point out how much joy there is here, too.  Enjoy an overload of Smith snapshots!

Sibling sweetness as Bradley read Luke 2 on Christmas Eve.
Trying out his new "drinking glasses."
Testing out some gifts in Columbia.
In the glow of Mimi's Christmas tree.
All my favorite little people in one place.
There was a fire in the living room...
I can't stop laughing about this!
MB, with a sinus and ear infection, lost over a pound and went back to the 1st percentile. But that reflection!
An ornament from halfway around the world! One of my favorite gifts.
After a year without movies, B and I saw two in one weekend: Skyfall and Lincoln.
(Ask me how we left Anna Karenina after 90 seconds and went to watch ol' Abe...)
If I ever put my phone down, who would capture this?
A second Smith baby makes friends with Curious George.
If I'm feeding MB her lunch and one of us is dressed, it's a victory.
An ornament for my little fireman.
Mac and I got matching tats.
(Ask B how the one on the right, inside my forearm, came to reside on his ribcage.)
The handsomest boys I know.
MB learned to sign "more" and is just as proud of herself as we are.

Christmas night we snuck away for our third and final movie of the year: Les Mis. One of us bawled through half of it.
We rang in the New Year, after a big Tiger victory, with our best friends in Atlanta!
Baby hands - those dimples never get old.
Mary Brooksie wants to stand. Break my heart already!
For I am about to do something new,
See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?
I will make a pathway through the wilderness,
I will create rivers in the dry wasteland. 
Isaiah 43:19


Anonymous said...

Such sweetness! Happy New Year!

Samma said...

I just adore all your instagrams, especially of the brother-sister sweetness of your two!

Jenna said...

These are such sweet pictures! And I love those orange flats! CUTE!

xo, Jenna


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