June 15, 2012

GIFs Make Me Giggle

I can't stop, y'all.

No matter how crazy or heavy life gets, a good GIF can distract me. In all honesty, even a mediocre one can make me crack a smile.

 Didn't you need one more way to procrastinate today?

When I try to have a client call but I'm in total mommy mode:

When I read mopey, 16-year-old-style song lyric status updates:

When an eBay seller accepts my exceedingly low "best offer":

Me to sweet tea:

When I find an unexpected $10 bill:
Mama's takin' this loot to Chick-fil-A!
When I get a text that someone's on their way:
I've looked like this all day!
When I'm trying to follow along in yoga:

When that 'mad at the world guy' posts another "righteous anger at the other 5 billion 'idiots' who live on this planet" status:

When my Facebook newsfeed features 12 versions of the same breaking news:

When I stumble upon a dessert I didn't know we had:
There's a reason I don't buy sweets. (It's called my derriere.)
When B has to work crazy late for the eleventy billionth time:

When Hannah Montana announced her engagement:

When I drive somewhere I've never been before:
Also, this is from the creepiest movie scene of all time. Eep.
When someone calls me shallow:
(Not in the serious way, obvs. But yes, I do have an inappropriately large scarf collection, a' thing' for expensive flats and a strong dislike for men who wear jorts or pinky rings, girls who let their underthings say 'hello' and people who flaunt their misunderstanding of basic grammar in public.)

To wit:


Catherine said...

hahahaha! Thanks for the laugh today. All of these are hilarious. I don't think I've ever commented before, so I think it's funny that out of all the great posts you've done THIS one makes me comment!

Turner Aycock said...

hilarious. thank you!

Leslie said...

Love those! They are hilarious. :)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

you just made me laugh so hard. this is why i heart you.

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

Oh, Anne. I love you because you're smart, hilarious and have the greatest sense of humor. Love these!

Kristen said...

Perfect way to cap off my Friday: with some m-Anne-datory reading. :) I'm dying!

But you left off Gawker's "Dawson Crying" gif. One of my all-time favorites! I believe it could double for the "Bradley had to work crazy late" example. xo

Anonymous said...

You are awesome! Erin K


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