November 1, 2011

A Chilly, Choo-Choo Halloween

I may be alone in this, but Halloween isn't my favorite holiday. I don't dream up costumes six months in advance, have never dressed up as a "racy" pumpkin/angel/nurse and could live without "spooky" house and yard decorations.

I adore orange and can put away Reese's Peanut Butter Cups with the best of 'em, but otherwise there typically has been little to get me going about the festivities. (I know, I know. Bah humbug, right? I did say I love candy!)

This year, though, our little Thomas the Tank Engine made everything worthwhile. We didn't go door to door, but he was thrilled to see a few friends when we stopped by to show off his "tick or deet" request and excited "choo choo!"

The evening got chilly fast, but Mac was too busy hopping around to care. Watching him enjoy every last second of the night made it SO fun.

If this is what Halloween looks like for us from here on out, sign me up! And I may even browse the Target sale aisle to add a few strictly Halloween pieces to our "fall home decor" lineup. Maybe.


Elizabeth said...

you aren't alone! I am not a huge halloween fan either, too much fuss!

Mary Loyal said...

yes i'm with you-- not a huge fan of halloween at all! bring on thanksgiving and christmas!

melissa said...

He looks so grown up! Such a sweet train. Love it.

I'm not a big Halloween fan either. I'm always racking my brain for a costume at the last minute and find it more frustrating than fun. I do enjoy seeing cute kiddos in costume thought and I look forward to trick or treating with Blaire one day.

Nicole said...

Halloween is WAY more fun with kids - that's for sure! :) I even picked up a couple of Halloween decor items at TJ Maxx this year, and they're actually really cute! :)


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