July 28, 2011

Georgia is a Big Ol' Fake

Perhaps that was a bit inflammatory, but it's the truth. No matter the fruit on the state license plate, I'll never think of Georgia as the real peach state.

Thankfully, there's more to my instinct than just digging in my heels. The New York Times has done a pretty good job summarizing what most of us here in the Palmetto State know... There's no better place to buy and eat your peaches.

We grow more, we sell more - and ours are just better. In my markedly biased opinion, obviously, seeing that I've eaten only a handful of Georgia-grown peaches in my lifetime.

With August, National Peach Month, just around the corner, there's no better time to nab a basket full of Gaffney peaches. Little boys may giggle that the giant Peachoid looks quite similar to a backside, but there's a reason that giant fruit keeps watch over their corner of the Upstate: They grow some unparalled peaches.

Besides making a kitchen smell fabulous, they taste pretty darn amazing, too. And you'd be surprised how much you can do with them!

I, the furthest thing from a culinary genius, have grilled them, served them with pork tenderloin, plopped them in a pie, sliced them over biscuits, used them as an ice cream topping, pureed them into a smoothie and, of course, eaten them the good old fashioned way - straight.

I humbly suggest that Georgia find a new state nickname. I wouldn't echo Stephen Colbert's suggestion, because it's not Georgia's fault Sherman burned them to the ground - and he didn't do us any favors, either - but this video is worth a moment nonetheless.

(Side note: Have you seen the peach pie on last month's Southern Living cover? With pecans and cinnamon? Oh, to be a taste tester in that kitchen!)

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EKM said...

ummmm excuse me, but you have not been to CHILTON COUNTY, ALABAMA!! Peach Capital of the WORLD! Thank you very much! I will be glad to send you a bushel of peaches from Clanton!

Harriet said...

I agree with you Anne, but Gilbert has better Peaches than Gaffney!! Hello!! We are home of the South Carolina Peach Festival!! The ones from Ridge Spring are pretty amazing too!!

The Gaymons said...

Little boys and Ashley Gaymon giggle at how the Gaffney peach looks like a backside....yes, that makes me immature! Oh well. Confession time on Anne's blog, I guess.

Miss Money said...

I don't know who had the best peaches...but the huge peach was always a mile-marker when I drive south=).


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