April 19, 2011

Breaking In The New Digs

For me, settling into our new home has been a process.

Bradley and my parents did a phenomenal job of setting things up while I was out of town that first weekend, but there are still touches I'd like to add.

I'm picking out paint colors, lamps, rugs and curtains, arranging and rearranging furniture, unpacking boxes and dreaming about throwing away whatever hasn't already been opened up and put away. (One could make an argument that we must not need it if we've lived ten days without it...)

For Mac, settling in has been far easier. Who needs knobs or fixtures or rugs or even his prints hung on the wall?

Give him his books, his toys, his "throw myself on the floor and roll around" pillows and just like that - he's scattering them everywhere. Mac is happy as a clam and home sweet home.

What a resilient little guy! I love that about him. Well, that and his fantastically squishy thighs.

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