March 21, 2011

The World's Best (And Most Borrowable) Closet

Lately I have found my wardrobe to be woefully lacking in the cuteness department.

I just returned from a bachelorette party yesterday, utterly convinced that I own no single garment cute enough to go "out" in. (And by "out" I don't mean a 20 minute Target run.)

I have work clothes (yay for "big girl" shoes!), life and church clothes (casual church = playing on the floor with our Sunday School class in jeans or skirts). I have no "cute" clothes.

My extensive wedding-going wardrobe fits oddly post-Mac, gapping in places things shouldn't and looking about as old as I am. What's a girl to do?

In this season of life, without three roommates just down the hall, eager to share the contents of their overfilled closets, it's much more difficult to pilfer adorable clutches and find a last-minute cocktail dress when you need one. Thankfully, I believe I've found the answer: rent something!

Much like guys rented tuxes for prom, Rent the Runway, something I heard about last year but have yet to use, lets a girl order up just the dress she'd like to wear for any occasion.

Oh how I wish this genius, Netflix-for-clothes concept had been around in college. Every casino night, cocktail party and formal would have featured designer dresses shipped right to my dorm. (And no wasting hundreds of dollars on dresses I couldn't wear more than once!)

The bottom line: Order a dress, select a "back-up size," choose the date you'll need it and rent away! Return shipping is free, too.

They even offer accessories for your big occasion as well. Dresses are cleaned and overnighted to the next customer when your festivities are over. I'm not sure who invented Rent the Runway, but those gals are brilliant! (If necessity is the mother of invention, the creators probably had a black-tie gala to go to and were longing for the many closest they had to pick from their freshmen year, too.)

Now I just need a few fancy occasions to make my renting dreams come true. I'm planning my outfit now for a Charleston wedding the night before Easter. Top contenders:

Milly Southern Sun Dress

Milly Sail Away Dress

Lilly Pulitzer Citrus Candy Cane Dress
(Listed on the LP site as Nadia)
Lilly Pulitzer Lemon Sorbet Dress
(Listed on the LP site as Eryn)

Shoshanna Vicious Venom Dress

Rebecca Taylor Berry Surprise Dress

Do you have a favorite? And have you ever used RTR before, or a similar site? Let me know if you sign up and rent anything - I'd love to hear how it goes!

(And if you see me at that wedding Easter weekend, feel free to ask where I got my dress. I won't mind spilling!)


Mary Loyal said...

I love RTR! My sister did it for an engagement party in January and it is legit! She actually ordered that Rebecca Taylor Berry Surprise, it was adorable! Hope you had success with it too!

Sarah said...

I think number 2 would look great on you!! And I am pretty sure you can get two sizes to try at no extra charge!

The Gaymons said...

This is brilliant! Let me know when you get your dress. I have a wedding on April 10th! Literally, just yesterday, I was looking at (lusting and drooling over) the LP lemon sorbet dress! Does anyone know if these dresses come in petites?

The Gaymons said...

Looked on the site...they have some dresses in petites. They have the lemon sorbet dress in petites. The thought of doing this is so fun!

Maryland Magnolia said...

I've never used RTR, but what a great idea!

I love the Milly Southern Sun and Sail Away dresses! Too cute :)

Kristen said...

Love them! And as cute as the Shoshanna dress is, I just can't reconcile the thought of you in any design labeled "Vicious Venom." LOL :)

Traci Theodore said...

I like the first and last one best. You've got to make a post about what you decide on.


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