March 10, 2011

British Babbles

Maybe it's the gray, rainy weather today, but I have Britain on the brain.

Bradley and I sat down last Saturday to "try out" the Downton Abbey series I'd heard raves about; twenty-four hours later we'd finished the first season! Whew.

It's a PBS Masterpiece Theatre production, which usually guarantees I'll like it (read: period pieces with romantic storylines), but this piece took the cake. The setting, the acting, the questions that arise about the class system and what is "proper" - I loved it all.

Mostly I felt pseudo-intellectual being drawn into something produced by PBS, the purveyor of all things educational and deep. In truth, though, this series is more a gorgeous, Titanic-era soap opera with a hint of sociological introspection.

No need to be ashamed to watch it, but you probably won't get your Ph.D. while you do it either. Read more about it here.

As for the quick conclusion, so many details are left unresolved that I am itching for the next season, which probably won't come to America 'til later this year or even early 2012.

By then, Miss Kate Middleton will have become Princess Catherine. (Like my segway?) Her title may change, but I'm guessing her remarkable sense of style will not. Can we discuss her fabulous rainy-day philanthropy get up? Love.

I'm with the Fug Girls - can I borrow this coat when they're done, Kates? And then your stylist? Perhaps you should just take to YouTube for that hair and makeup tutorial everyone's dying to see. Talk about making a difference in the world - that would do it! (Kidding. Kind of.)

And now for a few pick-me-up pictures from our favorite imports: Boden, the only company who regularly uses "smashing," "spot on," and "swishy" in their descriptions. In other words, they totally speak my language.

Who wants to put together this fluffy, swirly little English ensemble? Perfect for a garden wedding and high tea!

1 comment:

Brooke said...

yes! I love Kate's (Catherine's?) style. She is so pretty too - but somehow also maintains that "girl next door" look.
PS - so glad you are blogging again :)



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