October 25, 2010

A Picture Perfect Royal Pair

Little-known fact about me: I was born in England the week of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding. When I was a child, this made me believe I was unequivocally linked to the royal family.

I was eleven months old when Charles and Diana's first son, Prince William, was born. (Evidently they take this "heir and a spare" thing quite seriously in England. Eleven months!)

By the age of thirteen, I was entirely convinced William was meant to be my future husband. I was a dual citizen, after all, and therefore clearly in the pool of eligible ladies he was mulling over.

Alas, our paths were not meant to cross. This is particularly shocking given that I signed the official condolence book from the city of Columbia to the royal family after Diana was killed. I didn't include my phone number, but I was tempted.

Now that I'm older and wiser, I think the future Mrs. Prince William (surely that would be her official title) should be virtuous, beautiful, discreet and well-dressed: the picture of a queen.

If this pair, the prince and his long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton, doesn't scream "future King and Queen of England," I don't know who does. Wills (I feel I can address you as such based on our near-kinship), please propose to this girl already. And also, please bring your dapper style Stateside.

Can we discuss how much pressure you would feel planning your wedding when you knew the future King of England (and paparazzi) would be in attendance? What about the pressure of being a prince's girlfriend? Talk about a fear of bad hair days! Good thing British wedding-goers love to sport hats!

On the plus side, I'm sure designers are lining up to dress her! Whatever she's doing, it's working. I hope her next ensemble is a breathtaking white dress to rival Diana's. We'll see!


Suze said...

That is a really cool fact i've learned about you !

They are a perfect royal pair for sure. Good pix of the two!

I dont think i could take all the pressure though personally , having to live up to so many standards make sure im perfect constantly!

Hope you've had a great monday!

Whitney said...

Anne, I just love you and the way you write. I laughed through this entire post! And I agree 100%!

Stacy said...

I too thought I was destined to be with William. We have the same birthday after all (a year apart)!

User Not Found said...

I am obsessed with Kate Middleton. She is presh. Diana would have loved her, I'm convinced.

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

I love her hat and I love her outfit! I remember visiting London when I was younger and I walked the streets and strutted my stuff incase we ran into one of the Princes and he would OBVIOUSLY fall in love with me! How funny!!!

Rowena said...

Poor Prince William will never know the treasure he gave up by not scouring the world for you after you signed the book.

MatersandMelons said...

How fun that you were born in England! And I do love Wills and Kate together...wish they would hurry up and give us a good wedding to watch!


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