February 2, 2010

Days go by...

These days are going by, that is. So, so fast. I feel like my moments are spoken for from 6am 'til 10pm - probably because they are!

How do other moms find time to stay on top of their favorite TV shows and find intriguing responses to the constant "What's new with you?" questions at work. (Finding non-baby-related ways to answer this is particularly tough for me these days!)

I realized today, after a fellow new mom pointed it out on Facebook, that I've seen only one of the TEN (is that necessary?) movies nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. That film was both animated and sent directly to my home by Netflix. So...there's motherhood (for me) in a nutshell.

(Although, on a tangent, have you seen Up? That memory montage at the beginning might be the most beautifully crafted, absolutely poignant 90 seconds of film I've ever seen!)

So, other busy gals, any time-saving tips? Besides cutting back on sleep, how can I squeeze some more fun - or even a little guilty pleasure TV - into my life?

And if I can't, how can I fake it for conversation purposes? A girl's gotta look cool, you know...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great movie! Gotta love Netflix. :)


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