December 7, 2009

What've I been up to?

Watching this two-month-old grow (while staring intently at Christmas tree lights)

Reading to this particularly adorable little face (and reliving
my childhood through some favorite books from way back when*)

Helping this guy recover from his first set of shots (hated the tears but didn't mind the snuggling!)

Chasing this smile (and watching college football)

Kissing these cheeks (and trying to squeeze in a nap myself)

Squeezing these thighs (and working on my own at the gym)

Introducing our boy to some precious small group friends (Ashley and Kerri Grace) at our annual Christmas party.

Decking the halls (and counting my blessings)

**Remember the Berenstain Bears? When did they have a new baby? A sweet friend gave us a Berenstain Bears Christmas book in which Brother, Sister, Mama and Papa are joined by a baby named Honey Bear. Hmm? How old am I that I've missed an entire generation of bears?


Jessica said...

It's hard to believe that beautiful boy is two months! He' sooo adorable! And I am totally with you on the Berenstein Bears...I had no idea they had another baby! I loved those books as a child and reading them as a babysitter! Enjoy the new adventures!

Mary Catherine said...

Hi Anne!
Thanks for the sweet comment you left on the blog. I've enjoyed looking at your blog and LOVE the picture on the side bar of you and your husband on your wedding day. I hope that picture is framed and hanging somewhere in your house. It is just too fabulous not to be! :)


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