October 12, 2009

We're here...

And we're busy! (And sleepy and overjoyed and learning so much about our little guy.)

Don't have much time to chat at the moment - or even too much to say besides thank you for all the sweet wishes and prayers. We could definitely use them as we adjust to being new parents and learning how to take care of the cutest baby we know. (Who just happens to be one week old today!)

Blue and his little brother

Packed in for a ride to the pediatrician

Finally with my eyes open!

....and back to sleep.

Hope you're all having wonderful (if rainy) Mondays!



Becky said...

He's just BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Emily Emeneker said...

Absolutely the cutest thing ever!

Julie H. said...

I love the picture with Blue! They are gonna be best buds! So cute!

Kathy said...

oh my goodness he's just beautiful!!!!


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