July 5, 2009

Hello, Loves!!

Hi friends!! How it's been a month since I've written I will never understand...something about days passing more quickly in summer than any time of year. (Of course, counting your life week by week as we pregnant folk are known to do can make a year fly by pretty quickly as well!)

I've thought about writing so many times but haven't put invisible pen to virtual paper for a few reasons - so I just wanted to check in and see how you ladies were doing. (And also because y'all have been sweet enough to check on me and I want you to know that things are going wonderfully!)

In June I instituted an "e-free evenings" policy to see what life would be like without my ever-open laptop habit. It was fantastic! There was more cooking, tackling tasks around the house, reading, relaxing and hanging out with the boys. Not bad for week nights! It definitely makes my evenings feel longer!

I do, however, miss chatting and reading everyone's blogs - so consider this a temporary hiatus! We have lots to share and even more updates to get from y'all...though many of you have been much better about blogging and I get lots of great info from that. (Just not in the evenings!)

Here are the highlights of summer 2009 so far:
  • The wedding of our sweet friends Ann and Jon took place on gorgeous Lake Junaluska, NC last weekend. So much fun!
Here we are - Ann and Anne - before her lovely bridesmaids' brunch. Check out the view! If you have to be outside in late June, you should be in the mountains by the lake. Just beautiful!
  • I'm 25 weeks along and growing bigger by the moment! Still feeling fabulous, enjoying long Sunday naps after church and trying to stay motivated to work out in the crazy summer heat.
  • Bradley and I enjoyed a remarkably quiet Fourth of July weekend - no traveling, no stress. Hope you had lots of fun - maybe a few cold beverages, some fireworks and splashing around in a large body of water?
Expect just a smidge more of a hiatus but I'll be back later this month with lots of updates - our anniversary, my birthday, the quickly-approaching due date of Baby Boy Smith.

Also expect more reading and commenting from me - I may not be writing but I promise I'm thinking of y'all and wishing you a fabulous summer!


Traci Theodore said...

Your mentioning of Lake J reminds me of good ol' rush camp, which I fortunately only went to once...there. You look cute as a button.

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Just stumbled on your blog...it is beautiful!


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