February 8, 2009

So far, so good...

You may know by now that I am very anti-New Year's resolutions. While I adore the idea of a clean slate, a fresh start and a reason to get motivated, I hate the "let's overhaul everything immediately" urgency that seems to come with the territory.

That being said, B and I have made a very conscientious effort to step up our game in terms of exercising, recognizing the genius of the Food Pyramid, sleeping plenty (never my problem, of course) and staying hydrated as much as possible.

My trick? A cute bright blue water bottle that holds 32 ounces. Two those per work day and I'm set! I bribe myself by figuratively dangling a Diet Coke at the bottom of that good morning bottle of H2O. I'll do anything for that bubbly goodness...including downing a whole bunch of water first!

So in the name of accountability, and the hope that public shaming and/or support will keep me moving in the right direction, here's what's going well - and could use a bit of stepping up.

*I'm drinking lots o' water.
*I'm getting plenty of sleep. (It's probably not fair to list this, as it's hardly ever NOT the case.)
*I'm taking a fabulous new weight lifting class on a regular basis.
*I'm cooking more, steaming vegetables and buying lots of fresh foods.
*We signed up for Mint.com and my days of shopping online willy-nilly (stupid click click clicking - feels so easy!) are over. Lots more thought is going into it. Not entirely my choice, but the computer doesn't lie!

*As a cheese-hater, I need to make eating yogurt a habit. Every day. It's in the fridge for good reason, self. Let's get to grabbing it!
*Bradley and I are supposed to be running a 5k the first Saturday in March. (There's also a 10k option but I'm not going to push my luck.) While I've been lifting regularly, I've been avoiding the treadmill and need to do some cardio several times a week.
*My housekeeping skills are becoming a bit questionable. While the sheets are always clean and nothing's ever moldy by any means, I need to make a habit of sweeping, Swiffering and wiping things down more regularly. Blech, I hate cleaning.

Did you have any New Year's (non-)resolutions? How are they going?

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