December 2, 2008

The first 500 days as Mr. and Mrs.

1 doggie surgery

1 new job

1 chipped plate

1 case of food poisoning
(That'd be today, folks. Poor, poor Bradley.)

2 football seasons
(With 2 different football coaches!)

2 trips to the animal emergency room

3 broken wine glasses
(Subsequently, 6 unbreakable wine glasses purchased solely for my use)

3 birthdays
(Mine, his, mine again...does that make me 2 years older in 500 days? Math is crap.)

3 trips to a doc in a box
(Why do we always get sick out of town on weekends?)

4 other couples' weddings

4 months of teaching 4-year-olds each Sunday
(Too many funny stories from those Sundays to count...remind me to tell you about Bradley playing the donkey in the Good Samaritan story. One for the ages.)

6 formal uses of our fine china and crystal
(Not bad, right?)

6 business trips

500 groggy morning I-love-you-have-a-good-day-grab-some-breakfast-call-me-later-goodbyes

10,327 thank you notes written, addressed, stamped and sent out
(All but one written by me, hence the 0 hours of yard work I have done since becoming Mrs. S.)

All in all, not such a bad deal. Love him!


Stephanie said...

This is a cute post! We are coming up on our 5th month, and I was just reflecting on what we've managed to go through so far...

Erin said...

such a cute post... you have used your china more than I have in my 1200 days! I am so sorry to hear about the food poisioning.... what did he get it from?

Candice said...

What a neat post! It's fun to think about all that you've been through together!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is so cute! Can't wait to read more:)

And congrats on your china usage - ours is boxed up in the closet still!

Alex said...

Wow, you remember a lot! :-) And mad props for the 6 uses of formal china ... I think in 5 1/2 years of marriage (which is what, roughly 2008 days of marriage? I didn't graduate from Clemson because of my math skills!), we have only used ours twice!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Anne, I just found your blog. Funny that it took me so long since we met online in the first place :) Anyway, I am impressed that you've used your formal china. Ours is still at my parents' house in boxes...!


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