November 3, 2008

On proposals and Presidents - welcome to November!

Two years ago today I got engaged on a chilly Greenville evening that, in my mind, has extended to be at least two weeks long. Part of I remember very hazily, almost as an observer, and the other part is clearer than any other night of my life.

I had been complaining for hours of my utter exhuastion, wanting nothing more than a good night's sleep followed by a fabulous weekend with my visiting boyfriend. Shortly after receiving a diamond ring and a remarkable lifetime offer from a certain someone, however, I got what you could call a second wind.

The result? That sleep-deprived gal somehow managed to call most everyone in her phone book, staying awake 'til 2 am recounting the engagement story detail for detail. I'm sure I called each of them back the very next morning, at Bradley's urging, to go through it just once more. (A guy really only gets the proposal as his very own shining achievement...why not let him milk it? B must have heard my telling of the tale at least a hundred times that weekend.)

Two years and 470 days* of marriage later, I'm amazed at how much has changed since then and how quickly it's all gone by. We're having so much fun and I'm still pinching myself - and staring shamelessly at the ring.

In a very tenuous segway, something that hasn't seemed to go by quickly has been the road to the White House.

Tomorrow I'll cast my third presidential vote. Long lines and mud-slinging aside, I find the whole process so exciting. And so much like Christmas - I just want to know now!

Hope you're planning to vote as well. For my Palmetto state neighbors, check your precinct and registration at

Happy voting and happy Monday!

*Don't worry, I didn't calculate that by myself. The Knot takes care of that for me. I've got free time, but not that much.


Anonymous said...

A belated congratulations! ;)

Alex said...

Aww! Happy engagement anniversary! :-)

Katie said...

Okay, so I've bookmarked your blog and am at the Election Commission reading it. :) Thanks for the scVOTES plug and congrats on your two year and 270 day anniversary!

Katie said...

correction...2 year and 470 day anniversary... :)


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