June 18, 2008

Sweet Enough?

I grabbed some unsweetened applesauce at the grocery store recently and discovered, upon closer inspection, that the tiny packages were actually labeled "no sugar added." I guessed that this accounts for naturally-occurring sugar and, a week later, pulled one out for a delicious snack.

Moments later, spoon in head, I saw (drum roll) a Splenda logo!! What in the world? Since when does Splenda not count as a sweetener?

Why aren't apples sweet enough on their own?

(I'm not going to turn this into some metaphor about raising women in the South or embodying feminism in the workplace in our post-modern society. But we could go there.)

Will apples themselves soon be sweetened with Splenda? Are they going to inject defenseless oranges and watermelons with syringes of sucrose? This has to be something out of A Brave New World...

Am I the only one bothered by this??


marianne sease said...

i think you should...'go there'...just for fun! : )

Traci Theodore said...

I had the same experience recently. I told Matt to pick up the "unsweetened" applesauce, and that is what he returned with. I tasted it, noticed the awkward taste and looked too, at the label with astonishment. That applesauce is trash; now I must specify "Natural" applesauce...which is what we were both looking for.


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