June 9, 2008

Aruba, Jamaica, I think you know the words

It's a bajillion degrees outside and Bradley made us some delicious pina coladas over the weekend to give me a mini-vacation. (Or maybe just because they taste so fabulous.) As a result, my train of thought is permanently located in the Caribbean.

We're hoping to go to another all-inclusive resort in early (January/February) 2009 and, as my summer vacation fund was swallowed along with various laundry items by a certain chocolate lab, I'm looking forward to it already. Bradley and I have been to Aruba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico together. Where should we go next year?

Have you stayed in any fabulous (and non-celebrity-priced) all-inclusive resorts? Heard of any? Just want to do some web browsing to take a mental vacation as well?

I'd love to hear your suggestions...honeymoons, spring breaks, lucky-girl get-aways. I'll take any input y'all can give me. Play me some steel drum music, hand me a daquiri and let me browse Expedia.com for the next eight months...


The Gaymon Family said...

I love it! If you hear of anything great, Matt and I might have to steal your idea. We need some type of fun get away for our five year anniversary (not this July but the next). Fill me in on whatever fun destinations you come up with!

Alex said...

L'Adera in St Lucia if you want to go that far south. It's where jennings and Loren honeymooned, as well as a couple of other couples and loved it!

Rowe said...

Ok, so I haven't been but one of my favorite people honeymooned there last year and said it was the best ever. Devin and I plan to go next summer.


Steph said...

I would definitely recommend Bermuda! It was our most favorite location ever.

RookieFisher said...

Angie and I have been talking about trying to get a group together for a January cruise. Would you guys (or anyone else for that matter) be interested?? We have price info and dates for a few different ones.

KDLady1181 said...

Spring Break 2002, we went to Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It was phenomenal, and so affordable! It was completely all-inclusive, but we did take a few excursions (the area is safe) and took a safari ride through a rainforest and rode horses along the beach. Pure heaven.


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