June 5, 2008

Skills for Women: What Each of Us Should Know

Let's make a list of things every woman should know how, or learn, to do. I'm not saying we can do all of these things, just that it's a great jumping-off point for a fabulous life. Below are my first thoughts - add yours!!

Every woman should know:
1. How to entertain herself for a day.
2. A quick, tasty recipe to quell the panic of an unexpected guest.
3. The basics of another language. Please, thank you, help, dessert.
4. How to sew on a button.
5. When someone is lying to her.
6. When and how to ask for a raise.
7. How to change a tire. (Or find her way to a good mechanic.)
8. Her own opinion about politics.
9. When it's worth fighting for and when it's time to walk away.
10. The importance of voting.
11. The titles of three books that matter. (To her.)
12. How to give sound advice. And accept it when it's given.
13. That dessert tastes better without guilt.
14. An activity that makes her happy and gets her blood flowing.
15. What unconditional love means.
16. How to set a real table.
17. The basics of football.
18. The names of the secretary of state, a good tailor, a thorough doctor and a favorite friend.
19. How to say "no" gracefully but firmly.
20. How much an unexpected note can mean.
21. How to fall in love without losing herself.
22. When to shake hands and how. (Firmly!)
23. To lock her doors and exercise caution - but live unafraid.
24. How she feels about having kids.
25. How to quit a job, end a relationship or confront someone without falling to pieces.
26. That you can't change your height, your imperfect childhood or your crazy family.
27. Not to apologize when it's not your fault.
28. What she needs to get through a terrible week.
29. That she's worth it, whatever "it" is.
30. How to truly forgive others, and particularly herself.

(My inspiration: 75 Skills for Men)


Kristen said...

I love this, Anne!

You've covered the most important things ... but I've thought about it and came up with 15 more!

1. Gracefully accept a compliment (and give one ... but only when it is sincere).
2. Make a good pot of coffee (or tea).
3. Fold a fitted sheet. (I will admit I'm working on this.)
4. Create a budget ... and adhere to it. (Again ... working on this.)
5. Keep a secret.
6. Forgive herself.
7. Know the difference between a necessity and a luxury.
8. Open and decant a bottle of wine.
9. Exercise her imagination.
10. Drive a stick-shift car (you never know!).
11. Keep her head above water. Literally.
12. Sort a load of laundry.
13. Perform a breast self-exam.
14. Negotiate.
15. Apply lipstick without the use of a mirror.

Rowe said...

These are great! I have a couple to add:

1. Clearly state and defend her opinion on anything
2. Go to a movie/meal by herself
3. The size on the label is not the size of the woman
4. Being a feminist does not mean you have to burn your bra, hate men, or support Hillary


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