July 15, 2011

Anne and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Did you read that book as a child, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? I couldn't recite a line from it, but I'll always remember its title. Sometimes there's just no other way to describe a day - or a series of days, for that matter.

This week has felt rainy in every possible way. Ten thousand things have gone wrong. Things I can't fix. Things in the lives of those I love, things in my life.

My laptop screen went totally black and I had deadlines to meet and no way to get what I needed done. I also looked uber professional explaining the predicament, and have never missed having an IT department on call so badly. Extra computers on demand and someone who doesn't lose their cool when PCs go berserk? Sign me up.

Mac is cutting molars, I've been under the weather, the house keeps dirtying itself (ha!), I forget to start dinner and Bradley hasn't been home to eat a single meal all week. I have felt lonely and cranky and frustrated and even a little bitter.

And yet.

God is so good. Our biggest troubles are temporary. Circumstances can be sad and frustrating and discouraging, but they're just circumstances. We just came back from a full week at the beach, y'all. How terrible could things be?

I have tried to refocus on my "get to" attitude. I get to fold this laundry and clean this counter and sort through bills. I get to see my husband when he finally crawls in bed after midnight. I get to change Mac's diapers and soothe his own bad moods and watch him become an even smarter, funnier (and at times, more frustrating!) boy. I get to miss Bradley when he's not here. I have a healthy family and my most pressing concern is how little time we get to spend together after a full week's vacation? What a blessing.

Some people run to get rid of their stress; my surefire cure for anything is a Diet Coke, a Tylenol, a nap and a cupcake - usually in that order. I've been cutting DCs for a few months now, though, and I have no time for sleeping. Perhaps a run by the bakery is in order? I think half a dozen cupcakes should fix any lingering terrible, horrible, no good, very bad feelings, don't you?

The bottom line: I am ready for this week to be over, but the more I type, the more I realize it really wasn't that bad. My best friend's little boy turned one. One couple had their second daughter yesterday and another announced they are expecting again. Mac learned to stand on one foot (with support) and squealed like he had invented the move.

In the face of families who are hurting, children who are sick, the many people we pray for each day who need peace and strength and miracles - this is nothing.

Could life be better if everything went according to my (undoubtedly flawless) plan? Yes. But I'm hanging in - and counting myself thankful for everything that's good.

Doesn't mean I'm going to pass up the cupcakes, though.


Hannah said...

I loved "Alexander..." as a child! And althougth you're having a "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week", the important thing is that you're still thankful for all that is wonderful in your life! And if that's not working, Alexander's idea was "I think I'll go to Australia."

Have a fabulous weekend!


Tiff said...

All that stinks.. And you left out yourbphone drama! Haha! Like you said, it's temporary. Go to Strossners and get a cupcake!! :)

Tiff said...

iPad autocorrected me.. Your phone* dang autocorrect

Jillian said...

Bless your heart!! It is so hard to be positive when you just want to be sad:) And molars are the worst, Emerson is getting her two year old ones right now :(

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

aww, I'm sorry for the terrible week. I hope your weekend and start to this week have been so much better! I love your attitude and love the "get to" attitude. :) Bummed I won't get to see you while we're in town but hope that you have a wonderful (more relaxing, cupcake filled for happy reasons) week!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

You have inspired me to adopt the "get to" attitude! Thank you for your honesty and your inspiration :-)


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