July 8, 2011

A Royal Change of Pace

William and Catherine's conquest of the Western Hemisphere continued yesterday with a final day of Canadian adventures. We're used to seeing them glammed up for their daily "duties" in something like this:

Beautiful, elegant and far more suited up than I've ever been for a day of work.

Imagine my surprise when I saw Cowgirl Catherine and her prince sporting these ensembles yesterday:

Get it, girl!! Cowboy boots, designer bootcut jeans and Alice by Temperley shirt, a sizable belt buckle and a custom-made hat gifted to her by Canadian officials.

And Prince William, I daresay, has never looked cuter. I know a passel of Southern girls who are fanning themselves upon seeing royalty in gear most often sported by Nashville stars and genuine cowboys.

Evidently he wanted to try out his bucking bronco-wrangling skills but his wife put the kibosh on that instinct. (Read about it here.)

Can't say I blame her, but what a cute peek into the newlyweds' relationship. This well-dressed wisp of a girl certainly has the prince wrapped around her sapphire-and-diamond-encrusted finger. (And who can blame him?)

Back to their wardrobes: I can't imagine how much thought and effort was put into preparing each and every outfit for the Duchess in particular. It's not as though she can run unnoticed into Target and grab something quickly if a hem falls out of her intended skirt....

I was tickled by the change of pace in their wardrobe and can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves for the quick trip to LA that began this morning. Stay tuned!

(Photo credits to the Daily Mail.)


Mary Loyal said...

i am loving all of your royal couple themed posts!!

Whitney Bouknight said...

I agree with Mary! Love these updates!

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

Now that's what I'm talking 'bout, Wills - he's hawt in that plaid shirt + (bald-spot hiding) hat.

Angela Duke said...

First of all, I'm about to pin that first picture, because that look is flawless!! Second, William looks so cute, but I love how versatile they both can be..they look good in anything!

The Gaymons said...

Love that Prince in his cowboy hat...he looks so cute.

Of course, he still "married up" in the looks department. She is triple gorgeous!!!


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