January 26, 2011

A Compliment for the Ages

After yesterday's whine-fest, where I convinced myself I was totally underwater and might not come up for air, I stopped to think about how great my life is, how very blessed I am.

I heard recently that we should take the phrase "have to" out of our vocabulary and replace it with "get to."

I get to clean and organize my warm, safe home. I get to fold and put away the many clothes we're fortunate enough to own. I get to create a menu for the week and make meals for my precious family. What a spin on my to do list!

While I was thinking positively, I recalled some of the sweet things that have been said to me in my life. (This makes it easier to convince myself I'm not a total hot mess. Someone loves me, after all!)

I asked my friends this once before and loved hearing others' favorite compliments, too.

My most meaningful compliments haven't changed since then, but I'd add a few to the list now:
1. B told me he couldn't imagine a better mom for his son.
2. My dad told me he was proud of me. (He has said so plenty, but this was at a particularly tough moment.)
3. Mac squeals when I walk into a room. From time to time he blows me unsolicited kisses, which say more than anything to me.
4. People say my handsome little monkey favors me, though they must just mean his tendency to yell "Hey!" at strangers.

On busy days or rainy ones, it picks me up to remember sweet moments like those. So, what is the sweetest compliment anyone has ever paid you?

1 comment:

Rowena said...

Well, if you can stomach another compliment for YOU: you have become one of my dearest friends, even though the time between visits is always too long. Your heart is huge and your wisdom runs deep. I never have an encounter with you (virtual or otherwise) without leaving blessed. And that's the truth.


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