July 21, 2011

A Smocked Sale & Dreaming of Cooler Weather

I took a peek at Zulily today and they have a fabulous sale on adorable Rosalina smocked clothing.

The precious Clemson and Carolina (or Auburn and Alabama for you out-of-staters) outfits have me dreaming of fall and tiny fans running all over Tigertown. Cannot wait!

Ignore the heat index and picture yourself at a tailgate with a cool drink and a long day of socializing ahead of you. Sounds heavenly, right?

Equally fabulous is a good deal.

Everything's half price! Have at it, y'all.

Side note: Melissa & Doug toys are also on sale at The Foundary. Through the magic of a store credit, Mac is now going to be the proud owner of some new wooden puzzles.

There are also some great magnets, kitchen toys, puppets and a lacing shoe for bigger kids ready to (sniffle!) let go of the Velcro.

We love Melissa & Doug. They feel so old-fashioned and classic! They're my favorite go to gifts for birthdays and Christmases because you can't go wrong. Take a peek.


melissa said...

Loved the adorable smocked outfits on Zulily this morning. I was tempted to pick up the "Clemson" dress as it looked like it would work for UF too. But my husband went to FSU and I don't want to encourage him picking up anything in garnet & gold. :) I'm trying to stay neutral and just buy her things in our mutual undergrad school's colors. Would hate to start a family rivalry on Saturday with a smocked dress. Haha!

Anne said...

It must be hard to have a split household - how "neutral" of you to skip buying gear altogether. :)

Anonymous said...

Those Zulily sales suck me in everytime! :) Thanks for your sweet comment. I can't wait to see Mac in his gameday best!


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